Forging ahead

Welcome to the Winter of Our Discontent (as if you needed welcoming).

I’m making it through by continuing to prepare for my concerts at Strathmore in March (see here for details), compiling music and musicians for two action-packed shows.

The concert on March 8th will consist of jazz and chamber music, both separately and in combination with each other. The program includes the premieres of my flute-bass duet The Accusing Shadow, my quintet Revanche Grotesque, and a very strange jazz suite that will feature the stunning vocalist (and former Strathmore AIR) Rochelle Rice.

The March 22nd concert, by contrast, will be a mix of chamber music and folk, and the big premiere this time will be my String Quartet No. 1. I’ll also be performing three songs from my album Fields Burning, with an ensemble that will include both a string quartet and the album’s vocalist, Wanda Perkins. A little something with my fabulous Strathmore mentor Bonnie Rideout might get thrown in there too.

If you’d like to hear me talk as well as play music, then consider coming to the free workshop I’ll be holding at Strathmore on March 15th at 7:30. The topic is “Music, Literature, and Politics of Early Modernism.” Together we’ll discuss the co-development of the modern in both art forms and the parallel developments in the political world in the first decades of the 20th century, a period with more than a few things in common with our present moment. Sounds interesting, right?

Aside from all the Strathmore stuff, I’m also working on music for a production of the play Big Love by Charles Mee, at Amherst College up in Massachusetts. It’s great to work in theater again and flex those particular creative muscles. If you happen to be in the area February 16-18, here’s information about the performances.

Stay warm and stay sane!