Mid-2016 Update

Ethan solo shot 2 Seanie shoot 5:2016

It’s already just about halfway through the year, and there’s much to report on!

Probably the most exciting piece of news is that I’ve been accepted to the 2016-2017 class of the Strathmore Artist-In-Residence (A.I.R.) program, which begins in September. The residency will be a fantastic opportunity for me as both a composer and a performer, and I look forward to all it will offer.

Speaking of A.I.R., my fellow resident-to-be, accordionist-pianist-composer-arranger Simone Baron, and I are in the early stages of a new project we’ve started called Arco Belo. In addition to the two of us, the group includes strings and percussion, and we play a combination of jazz and various Latin American styles–both arrangements of our favorite repertoire material and original pieces. You could call it “chamber jazz.” Stay tuned for more about Arco Belo in the coming months.

What else? Well, Marian McLaughlin and I (joined by the amazing cellist Katie Weissman) did a tour of the Northeast back in March, and we’ll be hitting the road again in August for a longer stretch with shows in upstate New York, New England, and the Mid-Atlantic. I’ve also been playing recently with cavaquinho player Pablo Regis de Olivera and some other great Brazilian musicians, with plenty of shows lined up for the summer. And electric cellist Wytold’s new album, Fireflies, Fairies, and Squids, which I recorded on earlier in the year, will be out before too long.

Of course, I’ve also been putting as much time as possible into composing new music. I recently wrote a string quartet and am currently sketching out other chamber works, plotting ways to have them performed.

As always, check the “Shows” section for upcoming performances and come out to see them!